See below a list of our most frequently asked questions. Here, you can find further information about our houses, the process of securing and signing for a house, moving in, etc. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us directly with any questions.


  • How do I choose a house?

  • Have a browse through the houses on our website and if any of the homes take your liking let us know and we can give you more information or arrange a viewing. If you are unsure what you are looking for yet or would like to know which homes fit your preferences, we can introduce a selection of our homes and take you to see them. We are more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with a desirable home.

  • How do I book a viewing?

  • Contact us to let us know what you would like to view and let us know when a good time is for you. Call us on 07425 119777 or 01509 558445. Alternatively email us or fill in our Book A Viewing form or send us a Facebook message.


  • Do I need to pay anything when I sign for a house?

  • Yes. when you sign for a house, there is a holding-deposit of one week's rent per person to pay to secure the letting of a house. This means that you and us are committed to let the house. The holding-deposit is non-refundable, but will count towards the first instalment of the rent when the tenancy starts.

  • Do you charge any letting fees?

  • No. Neither do we charge for any other administrative fees.

  • Can I book a house whilst I am not in the country?

  • Yes, you can secure a house even if you are not in the country. To help you find the right accommodation, we can communicate via email, skype, or WeChat and send you the information and photographs of the houses.


  • What kind of contract will I be signing?

  • Generally, we let our houses to groups of students who wish to fill a whole house and so the contract is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a fixed term of normally 52 weeks. Students will be signing on as tenants with joint and individual liability.

  • When will the contract start?

  • Our contracts normally start either in July or September running for 52 weeks long.

  • How long would the contract last?

  • In general, our contracts are 52 weeks long and we offer a summer discount. Shorter contracts are sometimes possible.

  • What does your inclusive rental package include?

  • Inclusive rent includes water, gas, electricity and standard broadband internet bills.

  • As a student, do I pay council tax?

  • Full time students living in shared private rented accommodation (occupied solely by students) are exempt from paying council tax. During the signing of the tenancy agreement process, you will need to provide to us a Council Tax Certificate that can be obtained from the Rutland Building.

  • Do you provide contents insurance for our personal possessions?

  • No, we recommend that you purchase contents insurance for cover of your personal possessions.


  • Are you DASH accredited?

  • Yes, we are DASH (Decent and Safe Homes) East Midlands accredited:

    "DASH Landlord Accreditation is a scheme which recognises and acknowledges private sector landlords with good standards in the condition and management of their properties and their relationship with their tenants."


  • What is the deposit?

  • This is the Tenancy Deposit and is the returnable sum that is paid at the beginning of the tenancy and of which an agreed amount is returned at the end of the tenancy. The deposit is kept in case of the home being left in an unsatisfactory condition or monies being owed to the landlord.

  • When would I need to pay my returnable deposit?

  • The deposit is paid on the first day of your tenancy.

  • How is the deposit stored?

  • We store deposits with the government approved Deposit Protection Service (DPS). The deposits are stored as a lump sum of the deposits of everyone on the joint tenancy agreement. The lead tenant will act on behalf of the group to request return of the deposit from the DPS at the end of your tenancy. Upon receiving the deposit from us, the DPS shall send to the lead tenant the details that are required to initiate the deposit-return process via their website (

  • When do I get my deposit back?

  • Your deposit is returned at the end of your tenancy. How long the process takes and how much is returned is subject to any charges made due to damages, cleaning charges, removal costs or unpaid rent etc., and disputes. It is returned within a month of the end of your tenancy.


  • Where can I find out about the rental prices of the houses?

  • Each year, we remain at a very competitive position within the student letting sector in Loughborough, by offering a wide range of well-maintained quality accommodation in prime locations, with affordable and reasonably-priced rent prices. All of our student houses come with an inclusive rental package, including gas, electricity, water and fast broadband. You can find out the rent prices per person per week on Our Student Houses and on each respective property page.

  • What does your inculsive rental package include?

  • All of our student houses come with an inclusive rental package, i.e. gas, electricity, water and fast broadband, at a capped, however generous limit.

  • Do you charge any other fees, e.g letting fees?

  • No, we do not charge letting fees, administrative fees or any hidden fees. We will always be honest and clear about our rental costs, holding-deposit / deposit fees and utilities bills once we have engaged with you.

  • When do I need to pay my rent?

  • Rent is paid 3 months in advance. When students have difficulties with this, we are open to discussing alternative rent payments that take into account the receipt dates of student loans.


  • When do I get my keys?

  • From the first day of your tenancy; keep in touch with us and let us know at least 3 days before your moving in date.

  • Will I be charged for the replacement of keys and/or locks if I lose my keys?

  • Yes, unfortunately, the tenant would be asked to cover the replacing cost.

  • What should I do if I lose my keys?

  • Contact us as soon as you realise you have lost your keys and we will provide you with another set. If necessary we will change any locks. We will charge you for the cost of the material. It is important you let us know as it reduces your risk of further loss in the future.


  • What should I do if I find a maintenance problem?

  • Please let us know. Ring us on 07425 119777 or email; we are determined to solve such issues as soon as we can. We hope to provide you with a comfortable living condition with the facilities you need during your stay. We are also constantly seeking to keep the house in a good condition and improve on the homes ready for students who stay with us.


  • Will you clean the house before we move in?

  • Yes, the house will be cleaned for you.

  • Do we need keep the house clean?

  • Yes, to a reasonable condition. Please do regular cleaning during your stay. This is for your own health and enjoyment, and plays a significant role in maintaining a good standard of home.

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